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Closing of the Inne TRH will be in attendance Event date: September 22nd, 2017 - September 24th, 2017
Hosted by Shire of Coldwood - Peru, NY
Event Last Modified: June 19th, 2017

Event details
Please join us in celebration of the Royal Progress of Their Highnesses Prince Ivan Ivanov syn Dmitriev and His Fair Princess Matilde DeCadenet. 
They will grace our Shire with Their Presence on the 22nd of September through the 24th.  We will celebrate the end of summer and share in our harvest with Them and all our friends.  Please also consider bringing a small addition to our growing bounty of "pot-luck" foods for the weary travelers arriving on Friday evening from around the Kingdom.  Master Olaf and his Household are planning to present a Torchlight tournament in the evening hours of Friday night.  Of course, the activities for the weekend will include fencing, archery and Heavy list combat with a return of the Barons Lap Dog Tourney!  Merchants are always welcome and should contact the Autocrat to describe their wares and space requirements.  There is never a merchant fee.  Space will be available under the tent during the day for A&S display and classes.  The site owners have requested that there (sadly) be no animals other than formal service companions on site.
Please note some changes in our fee structure and reservation policy. 
My friends, forgive the somewhat harsh tone of the following:  THE ONLY RESERVATIONS FOR THE FEAST WILL BE THOSE MAILED IN AND IN THE AUTOCRAT'S HAND BY US MAIL DELIVERY ON MONDAY,SEPTEMBER 18TH.  If the Board is filled prior to that date or any requests that arrive after that date will be placed on a formal waiting list.  There will be 150 seats at the feast.  PLEASE do not contact the autocrats by phone or email in an attempt to secure a place.  Of course any and all questions regarding menus, food allergies or general inquires will be promptly answered! 
The Site, the Estate of Baron Stephen and Baroness Ellen du Grandchamp, is a rural site with cold running water and portable toilets.  Due to a growing number of families with young children, coupled with the rural nature of the site please be aware of your small children's whereabouts and activities at all times.  The event staff loves them, but is far too busy assisting the Dread Baron to be their babysitters!  Children playing with toy weapons must be supervised, as appropriate for their age and understanding of potential injury to their playmates.

Site Opens: 4PM
Site Closes: 12 noon
Event Location
Home of Steve and Linda Murphy
123 Mitchell Rd.
Peru, NY  12972
Event Fees
Site : Adults:  $15 ( Adult with a valid SCA Membership $10), Child 17 and under:  $5
NOTE:  This allows you camping and access to the site for the entire weekend.

Day pass,Saturday only, NOT camping:  Adults:  $12,(Adults with a valid SCA Membership $7) Child 17 and under:  $3

Feast: Adults:  $15, Child 17 and under:  $7
Maximum Family feast and site fees capped at two adults and two children.  ($84, with a $5 discount for each adult member)
Deadline for feast reservations:  Please have reservations in the hand of the autocrat by Monday, Sept 18th. 
"The only reservation is a paid reservation!" Feast seating capped at 150.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Shire of Coldwood Inc.  New York

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Sir Stephen Grandchamp ,AKA Steve Murphy, 518-643-8634,123 Mitchell Rd ,Peru, NY 12972 scahorse@hughes.net

Send Reservations to:
Steven Murphy 123 Mitchell Rd Peru NY,12972

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