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Prince Ivan & Princess Matilde's Crown Tournament TRM will be in attendance Event date: November 4th, 2017
Hosted by Barony of Bergental - Feeding Hills, MA
Event Last Modified: July 3rd, 2017

Event details
Please join in a day of martial prowess, chivalry and honor as Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov and Princess Matilde DeCadenet hold their Crown Tournament, to name their successors, the next Prince and Princess to the Crown of the East Kingdom. 

It is EMPHATICALLY and STRENUOUSLY suggested and preferred that you pre-register for this event, including in you pre-registration that you are a Combatant or Consort.  (this will help us make gate/troll easier and more expeditious for you!  after-all, why make an already emotionally charged and focus requiring event any more stressful than necessary)

We would like to challenge the combatants, consorts, households, populous of the east and all other attendee's to create, and bring with you banner(s) of your heraldic arms, and device (not to exceed 3 Ft by 3Ft).  The idea is to display the banners and heraldry along the isle for the procession into Crown Tournament, with additional banners displayed around the perimeter of the viewing area to create a festive, majestic environment as the setting and back drop for the festivities at hand. 

This festive event will include a dayboard beginning at noon and continuing until 3:30 p.m., provided by Boyar Aleksei Dmitriev. 

* this will include "boxed lunches" for lack of a better description for combatants
and consorts, so they may remain nourished and focused on the chivalry,
courtesy, and honor of fighting for the right to bear the crown of the east, and lead
this great kingdom into the future.

* If you have any allergies, or questions regarding food, please contact Boyar
Aleksei at gryphon@alum.mit.edu

We will be holding a silent auction held for the joint benefit of the Royal Travel Fund and The Bergental Baronial Regalia Fund.  Proceeds of the silent auction will be split evenly between the two causes. 

will be coordinated by Madame Peronnelle de Croy
If you have questions or would like to offer assistance with
children's activities, you may contact Madame Peronnelle at

this site features a bar where alcohol may be purchased.  As such, we have classified this site as discreetly wet (as far as alcohol brought on site rather than purchased at site is concerned).

Please stay tuned for updates, as the detail are ironed out.

Event Website: https://www.polishamericanclubofagawam.com/

Event Location
The Polish American Club
139 Southwick Street
Feeding Hills, MA  01030

Polish American Club
139 Southwick Street
Feeding Hills, MA 01030

You can find more information about the event site at the following web address:https://www.polishamericanclubofagawam.com/

Event Fees
Site : Adults: 
Members:  $15
Non-Members:  $20

7-12:  $10
6 & under:  Free

Family Cap:  $50 (not including NMS)
For Example
$ 60 family cap if multiple non-member adults in the
$ 55 family cap if 1 non-member adult in the party ; and
$ 50 if all adults in the party are members.

Feast: There will not be a Feast at this event. 

There is a 3 and a half hour dayboard included as part of the event fee. 

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., MA Barony of Bergental

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Site Steward:
Melissa McGavin
Lady Marian Kirkpatrick
(413) 519-9786

Yolanda Graham
Mistress Pagan Graeme

Send Reservations to:
Mistress Siubhan Wallace
642 West Street
Brookfield, VT 05036

For questions and concerns regarding pre-registration, you can contact Mistress Siubhan Wallace at

Reservations MUST be Post-Marked on or before October 21, 2017, unless otherwise coordinated with Mistress Siubhan.

Other Contact Information:

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