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The Martial Activities play a big part in what the SCA does. Many people find enjoyment in the physical sport and combat recreation activities that we do. Below you'll find descriptions of the prominent combat activities and links to more information. Most local groups have nearby practices for some of the combat activities.

Armored Combat Website

Also known as “Heavy Fighting” among many of the participants, armored combat uses rattan weapons as well as period armor in a full contact martial exercise. All fighters are taught proper safety procedures before they are allowed to authorize for Society events and activities. Fighters learn the art of war, honor, chivalry, friendship, teamwork, safety and have fun while testing each other’s might and cunning.

Archery Website

Archery is an ancient skill, greatly valued throughout history as a means of providing food for the table, as a tool of war and as an enjoyable sport. In the SCA, we hone and test our skill by shooting at many different types of targets using handbows and crossbows. This site provides information on the target archery activities of the Kingdom, including the current roster of warranted archery marshalls, the current archer rankings and records of past archery achievements and tournement results.

Combat Archery Website

Combat archery in the East Kingdom is part of the Heavy List assortment of weapons forms utilizing special-tipped arrows and bolts shot under specific guidelines. The armoring and training authorization is nearly identical to the Heavy List fighter but with some added conventions for safety and logisitics.

Equestrian Website

For the most part we practice the games of skill that squires and other mounted warriors would have partaken in. This includes hitting the quintain, "jousting" at rings, spear throwing and stabbing objects on the ground. In addition, we do sword work against inanimate objects. As well, we have begun doing Mounted Crest Combat. Most often you will see us executing an obstacle course including many of the above elements and sometimes includes archery from horseback. We also do light contact jousting and perform cavalry maneuvers.

Rapier Website

Rapier combat is personal combat using swords. These rapiers are not large, heavy broadswords used for chopping, but lighter weapons used mostly for thrusting. The combat is less about strength and more about finesse. If you've seen a Three Musketeers movie, then you've seen the Hollywood version of this kind of swordplay. If you've watched modern fencing at the Olympics or a college, then you've seen the modern descendant of rapier combat.

Scout Website

Scouting in the SCA has changed over the years. It used to be that scouts merely found where the opponent was and told a passing unit. Now scouts are much more then just the eyes and ears of the army.They are also supply carriers and messengers. Scouts now can supply archers and thrown weapons fighters with more ammunition. Scouts are now expected to report timely, accurate information to unit commanders, to report messages between commanders and to make a real contribution to the success of an army.

Siege Website

Siege is an SCA combat weapons form. Typically, a siege engine is operated by a trained crew for besieging a fortress, or against massed fighters at a distance. SCA siege weapons include arbalests, trebuchets and catapults. The field arbalest is the most popular SCA siege weapon.

Thrown Weapons Website

Thrown weapons is an excellent sport for a broad range of people regardless of age or physical condition. It does not require any authorization to participate: you show up at a range, read the rules and have fun. A stronger arm does not guarantee an advantage.

Youth Fighting Website

Open to all youths ages 6 to 17 for the study and recreation of the combat arts of the Middle ages, taught in an atmosphere which promotes chivalry, honor, courtesy, safety, friendship and fun.

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