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Order of Precedence and Rolls of OrdersWebsite

The East Kingdom precedence reference page includes the list of awards held by the residents of the East Kingdom, as well as the rolls of each order and the list of awards given by each of the royalty of the East.

Accessibility PorterWebsite

Courtesy and Chivalry are the hallmarks of the Society for Creative Anachronism. One element of chivalry and courtesy is helping other SCAdians participate when physical limitations might otherwise impede them. The office of the Accessibility Porter is to help and educate SCAdians in working around Accessibility and disability issues

EK OutfittersWebsite

Greetings and welcome to the East Kingdom Outfitters. It is our hope to provide fun and interesting items to show your support and love for your Kingdom. Please know that 100% of all profits go to support the East Kingdom Royal Travel fund.

SCA Demo Website

This Online Demo is meant to give a general overview of some of the aspects of the SCA.

Svava's Whim Tourney Website

A tournament style intended to promote fun, chivalry and entertainment for all! A great addition to any event, you can contact Countess Svava to make arrangements to have a Whim Tourney at your event. Promote fun fighting and great artisans at the same time!

SCA Ombudsman Website

Members of the Board of Directors are assigned duties as Ombudsmen for Society Officers, Board Committees and Kingdoms. They represent those individuals and groups to the Board and promote communication and coordination between the Board and the functional personnel of the Society.

Society and Corporate Officers Website

You can find the name and e-mail addresses of the Society Seneschal, the Corporate Secretary/Registrar and other SCA officers.

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